Operation Iraqi Children School Supplies

Grace Church Youth Group Director Jenny Hawran came to the Youth Group with a question:

"Have you ever thought about what being a child in Iraq would feel like right now?"

And thus began the discussion about Iraqi schools and a new school supply program begun by actor Gary Sinise that had been sent to us. As the teens looked at the photos of the Iraqi children, and heard the stories of them doing without even the most basic needs such as pencils, they realized they had the power to help via this program. They took it upon themselves to make flyers and plan various fundraisers to raise the money to go out and purchase supplies to send to Iraq.

This small group of 16 teens has raised $828 !

In June 2004, 14 boxes (221 pounds) of school supplies were sent out!

The teens each wrote letters that were enclosed, as well as photos of their efforts.

Plans are now underway to make this school supply drive a regular Youth Group project throughout the Church School year.


Check out the Photos from our recent fundraisers
*The beaded bookmark fundraiser
*The Macaroni -n- Cheese Dinner fundraiser

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Making the beads  bookmarks beads  bookmarks Thanks for your support!  sell bookmarks
Every shape and color Advertising the Event The very first customers Making some sales The rush begins! Photos of the Iraqi children were put up behind the selling table The Bulletin Board explaining the fundraiser
A Close up look of the Bulletin Board Making the salad Crowding around the sale table  crushing crackers for the top of the mac -n- cheese  setting the tables setting up
Selling out fast The line forms at the left The last 2 bookmarks left...displayed on the table The donation basket starts to fill up Except for spelling Gary Sinise wrong...a great flyer by one of the kids serving coffee to the parish while the others sell bookmarks Yum!


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